St. Clari Properties

With over 40 years of experience in managing communities, we understand the issues owners face:

From the day-to-day aspects of operating their communities to keeping up with industry changes, local ordinances and new laws and regulations.

Let St. Clair Property Management help you get the level of property management you deserve.

Our personal management service assists our clients with these matters and we provide you with:

Efficient Financial Control:

  • Timely collection of income
  • Expenditure control
  • Financial reports
  • Ongoing Preventive Maintenance

Management and Resident Relations:

  • Training, supervision and support of on-site staff
  • Resident relations - from application through residency
  • Open lines of communication between management, ownership and residents

Guidance in Legal Issues:

  • Long term lease implementation
  • Review, develop and enforce rules and regulations
  • Rent control and industry laws and regulations

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